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The Experience

We build satisfaction into our process.

Building your custom home should be almost as fulfilling as actually living in it. That’s why from the very beginning, we openly collaborate and communicate with our clients to ensure satisfaction every step of the way. An integral part of the Larsen experience incorporates an online software program that allows you to stay in constant contact with your builder while providing you an easy way to track your home’s progress. Log in to stay informed of the construction schedule, design selections and budget considerations. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch your unique home come to life without any surprises along the way.

Here’s an example of the process:

  • First you meet with Larry Larsen, the Principal of Larsen Development, and his expert design team.
  • During this discovery phase, the team listens closely to your vision for your custom home.
  • The design phase is a true collaboration between you, the architectural designers and Interior Designer where you begin to define the style of your home.
  • After design is complete, our clients work with Jeff Englund, President, to set budget parameters for construction.
  • Once budgets are set, the building process begins with an introduction to your Project Manager.
  • Your Project Manager supervises the entire process while working in tandem with the design team and Jeff to build your home.

We build experience, transparent communication and client satisfaction into every home. Larsen Development is a company of believers that insists on delivering a positive and engaging experience throughout the entire home building process.

Client Testimonials

We love to hear from our happy homeowners!

When our third child was born, my wife and I knew we needed a bigger home. After A LOT of contemplation and due diligence, we decided to scrape the Wash Park bungalow we lived in for 10 years and build on our own lot. We met with a few builders and did a lot of due diligence before pulling the trigger with Larsen. Throughout the preliminary process, we were impressed with our initial meetings with Larry and his team, and got a lot of positive feedback from others in the area who used them. We also enjoyed walking their open houses when projects were completed and saw the pride they took in their work.

Fifteen months later from signing on, we have the keys to a beautiful custom craftsman home that is far beyond anything I ever envisioned living in. We are completely satisfied with the process and end result, from the initial and revised planning, through selections, reviewing the budget, getting educated on the process, and everything up to the punch lists at the end. The managers and subs also kept great relations with our neighbors throughout the build. Our decision to scrape and build over buying a house or popping the top was also a wise one financially, as we actually gained a ton of equity in the new house.

The entire team was very professional and patient with us, and went way beyond what one would expect in this endeavor. In addition, their initial cost estimates were very accurate, and we stayed on budget throughout without any surprises or hidden costs. The project was finished on time and there were never any gaps where the house wasn’t being worked on. Other builders have projects going around us that started at the same time but are still months, if not longer, from completion. The neighbors reported that the workers always started on time and there was always something going on. When I share these experiences with others who have undertaken any sort of construction or remodel, they are shocked and regretfully have very different experiences to share.

We both are small business owners and, in particular, I am cynical and not easily pleased, but I can’t speak highly enough of this team. It is readily apparent that everyone, including the subs, holds Larry in the highest regard and know that he won’t tolerate anything less than perfection. I’ve also learned a great deal about customer service and client relations throughout the process, and believe I am a better business manager from my experience of watching this team conduct their business over the past year.

Larsen built us a high quality home with great attention to detail, and provided us with a level of service that we will never forget. We are truly honored to call this our home and honored that Larsen could build it for us.

Jay and Suzie

Building a house can be overwhelming – there are so many choices to make! But Larsen Development Company has a system for walking their customers through the process. It never felt cookie cutter; we made every choice based on our style, but with professional guidance. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. From start to finish, the Larsen team made building our dream home a dream.

Tamra and Bill

We felt very confident hiring Larsen Development Company to build our custom home. We had looked at other builders in the area and saw that Larsen Homes were of the highest quality and tastefully done. Knowing that Larsen not only had great design and building experience, but engineering experience as well, made it an easy decision. They were very helpful and creative when we had unique requests like a hockey room under the garage, built-in bench in the morning room and an outdoor living area. When we wanted to change and tweak our designs to be exactly what we envisioned they happily did so.

From architecture, engineering, design and construction management, they were all eager to make sure things were exactly the way we wanted. Clarifying the little things along the way and making changes if we needed them to, in a timely manner. Our home was completed within the timeline provided.

Larsen Development not only did an amazing job on our beautiful home. They were professional and enjoyable to work with. They were patient with our decision-making process while guiding us along the way as we built our custom home together.

Glenda and Carlos

Larsen Warranty

Larsen Development manages your warranty needs in-house, therefore allowing us to ensure your needs are properly addressed in a timely manner. With our online software system, Co-Construct, you can add warranty items at any time. We also come to your home at 60 days and 11-months to walk your home for warranty punch list items and schedule a work day afterwards at your convenience. Larsen Development clients are confident that their home will be cared for well after they receive the keys, because our clients become our family.